Getting the great and the good on board

Rear of One bottle label

When we came up with the idea for One it was important not only to produce a brand that people would want to be seen with, but we wanted to do something a little bit different from all the other water brands out there. The idea of having ambassadors who would feature on the bottles seemed to be a great idea – it means you have something interesting to read each time you buy a bottle, but it also helps us get more publicity for One.

Photograph of Claire Goose with bottle of One water

Luckily for us, the actress Claire Goose happens to be the sister of one of the founders and she was more than happy to support the project. Claire knows first hand how important the project is because she's been to Ethiopia and Mozambique with Oxfam and knows what it's like to use a hand pump! She also knows what it's like to be without water and has camped in remote villages where they have to walk for hours to get water which is, at best, unclean.

Our plan is to encourage more and more celebrities and influential people to lend their support. As we're writing this, we've just heard that David Tennant (the new Dr Who) has signed up which is great news. Who else will follow? You'll just have to keep buying the water to find out. (Alternatively just click here to see the full list...)