Trying to change the lives of a billion people?

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1 billion people without clean water, 2 million deaths each year, but did you know that the bigger problem is actually that people spend an average of 5 hours a day walking to collect water. That's around 40 billion hours a year. Imagine what your day would be like if you spent 5 hours walking to your local shop for a drink. Wouldn't get much done would you? It's the same in developing countries. Kids don't go to school and adults can't look after their crops or families properly.

Photograph of happy children on a Roundabout water pumpWe could have sat on our backsides and done nothing, but we've seen the impact of a little bit of money used in the right way – which is why we launched One. We always said that if we could get just one bottle produced, or change just one life it would have been worth it. But with your help we hope to do much better than that.

By installing PlayPumps™ in villages not only do we ensure people get clean water, but because it's readily available it means time isn't wasted collecting water – and that's great because the kids go to school to get an education and the adults look after their crops and families.